About Praxen

About Praxen

Process Engineering

We are a group of experienced professionals, including Chemical, Mechanical, Electric and Electronic engineers, as well as Project managers and Cad technicians.

Our teamwork takes on our clients’s objectives as ours, working side-by-side as partners in every project.

We have a team of professionals in the following disciplines:

  • Process
  • Piping
  • Equipment
  • Process control
    • Electricity
    • Instrumentation
    • Civil
    • Cost estimation
    • CAD Technicians

Process solutions

We offer Process Engineering Services to Petrochemical Companies, Refineries, Renewable Energies companies and to every Industry that involves hydrocarbon management and processing.

Our advice focuses on main processing units as well as utilities, either in small projects like medium -scale.

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Our Mission, Our Commitment

Our Mission, Our Commitment

We do what we love, engineering for people! That’s why we provide our clients with high value-added services, ensuring excellence through rigorous analysis, management of our projects and continuous improvement. Our mission is to offer our clients the best engineering solutions, building our company around transparency and authenticity as our core values.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We have a clear goal, become one of the leading engineering companies of Argentina and manage to position oureselves in the engineering market as a company recognized for its high quality of service, satisfying the needs of clients efficiently and effectively.

We apply our knowledge and experience to provide our clients with simple and safe solutions, with minimal investment and maximum benefits.

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