We are Praxen, we are action, practice and balance

We focus on optimal technical solutions, with minimal investment and maximum benefits.

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Process solutions

Process Engineering Services to Petrochemical Companies and Refineries

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Our motto is excellence, management and continuous improvement

We provide our clients fast and efficient engineering services in various areas.

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What we do

We offer Process Engineering Services to Petrochemical Companies, Refineries, Renewable Energies companies and to every Industry that involves hydrocarbon management and processing. Our advice focuses on main processing units as well as utilities, either in small projects like medium -scale.

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Business areas

Oil & Gas Processing and Treatment

Our designs range from small facilities on isolated spots, to complete fast-track projects.

Oil, Gas and Water transport

We provide pipeline design and assessment services for different transport requirements (gas, crude oil, water, and multiphase flow).


We offer engineering services for a wide range of petrochemical processes and operations, such as plants that produce olefins, Polymerization, Distillation trains, etc.


We provide solutions for different mining processes, like dissolution mining, including evaporators and crystallizers, as well as in the lithium carbonate purification process.

We apply our knowledge and experience to provide our clients with simple and safe solutions, with minimal investment and maximum benefits.

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